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Recycled Costumes

Recycled materials from left to right: audio reel-to-reel; bottlecaps; 2-liter bottles; woven newspaper. Photo: Jeff Cravotta

Commissioned by North Carolina Dance Theater for the 2009 performance of Mark Diamond's dance program "Green Pieces" performed at Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY and the Knight Theater in Charlotte, NC for their Innovative Works program in November 2010.

Dragonfruit Dress for VitaminWater Design Competition 2011 in Charlotte, NC; Photo: Ben Premaux

Recycled VitaminWater bottles & labels; Model: Kara Wilkes (dancer with Alonzo King Lines Ballet)

Birdcage Dress for Charlotte Seen Fashion Week 2011 in Charlotte, NC

Chicken Wire & Silk; Photo: Ed Frazier Photography, Model: Jenifer Gamboa


CD Dress, Model: Andrea Howard; Pop Tab Dress, Model: Katie Patterson

Umbrella Skirt &Top, Model: Hayley Schnakenberg