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Airline Series: Three Fates Floating, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 24”x48”; 2016

Airline Series: The Raft, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 30”x36”; 2017

Airline Series: Mother & Child Inhale, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 24”x32”; 2014

CPR Series: Mouth to Mouth, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 24”x24”; 2016
CPR Series: Check for Breathlessness, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 24”x24”; 2017

CPR Series: Chest Compressions, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 20”x20”; 2016

CPR Series: Finger Sweep, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 20”x20”; 2016

RUN/HIDE/FIGHT, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 9”x12”; 2018

HB2 Caution Series - 20 figures, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 27”x10”; 2016

HB2 Caution Series - 50 States (or Dating Pool), hand woven alpaca tapestry; 24”x34”; 2017

HB2 Caution Series - Red to Blue (20 Figure), hand woven alpaca tapestry; 27”x10”; 2017

HB2 Caution Series - Red & Blue, hand woven alpaca tapestry; 6”x6” each; 2016


Emergency Tapestries

    My hand-woven alpaca tapestries depict emergency instruction scenarios from first aid manuals, airline safety cards, and bathroom signs. I weave these symbols to question perceptions about physical interaction, danger, and control. They address the vulnerability and self-preservation negotiated during human interaction.  The images portray instructions on how to save each other’s lives, how to act rationally in the face of our mortality, and how to behave with our bodies.  While tapestries have historically displayed the narrative of a religious, mythological, or heroic event, these safety instructions tell a story that hasn’t happened and hopefully never does.

     The Caution: HB2 Series specifically responds to the House Bill 2 legislation (“Bathroom Bill”), passed in 2016 in North Carolina, that nullified existing anti-discrimination ordinances in the state. It targeted the LGBTQ community and transgender people in particular. The male/female bathroom sign inspired this series of hand woven tapestries illustrating a continuum of gender/sexual identity icons. This work aims to depict the spectrum of our American identities and the need for a visual language that supports it.