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The List of Ways to Live Forever

With your help, I endeavor to find ways to live forever. Items from this list continue to feed my studio practice. Stay tuned for documentation of my attempts to achieve immortality. Please continue to offer your suggestions on ways to do so…

  1. 1.Become an immortal (start separate list of immortals)

2. Attract vampires

3. Self portraiture

4. Have a child

5. Increase my memories

6. Add to my past

7. Lead parallel lives

8. Dink 8 glasses of water a day

9. Eat a Mediterranean Diet

10. Don't die

11. Wear protective gear at all times

12. Cryonics

13. Identity theft 

14. Become an actor

15. Time travel

16. Reincarnate

17. Go back to the womb

18. Cloning

19. Live on in the hearts of others

20. Become a cockroach

21. Embalming

22. Hook me up to a respirator

23. Have novel experiences

24. Doppelgängers

25. Be famous

26. Die and get buried under a tree, fertilize tree, become that tree

27. Cheat death

28. Don't get old

29. Stop time

30. Re-define time

31. Live on in the memories of others

32. Meet as many people as possible

33. Friend more people on Facebook

34. Rekindle old friendships

35. Become a zombie

36. Have a monument erected in my honor

37.    "            "               "                 likeness

38. Mad science

40. Mummification

41. Make a deal with the devil

42. Keep a diary

43. Upload my mind into a computer

44. Memoirs

45. Viral videos

46. Have an android created

47. Become a strain of virus or bacteria

48. Try mitosis!

49. Link mind to future clone via wormhole

50. Rely on quantum uncertainty

51. Realize that I am "matter" and therefore cannot be destroyed

52. Donate blood/plasma

53. Donate my organs

54. Cybernetics

55. Ubiquitousness

56. Hologram

57. Audio recording

58. Video recording

59. Fossilization

60. Be made into a Diamond!

61. Body Worlds exhibition

62. Create my own popular fragrance

63. Create a line of clothing

64. Found a religion

65. Become a wizard

66. Master the Dark Arts

67. Find the fountain of youth

68. Bathe in the blood of virgins

69. Philosopher's stone

70. Find the Holy Grail

71. Invent something revolutionary

72. Or discover something

73. Be on the Hollywood walk of fame

74. Become a pivotal political figure

75. Commit a heinous act...and get caught?

76. Go to Heaven

77. Mme Toussaud's wax museum

78. Inspire an artist (ie: yoko)

79. Be a muse

80. Be prepared for any emergency

81. Be a teacher

82. Become the Turritopsis Nutricular

83. Become a cancer

84. Incite a revolution

85. Be a Phoenix

86. Become a symbol

87. Become a colloquialism

88. Stem cells

89. Be really lucky

90. Xerxes immortals

91. Tree of life

92. Travel at the speed of light

93. Relay my life story through synthetic DNA

94. Peter Pan

95. Refuse to grow old

96. Accept Jesus as my personal savior

97. Encase myself in amber

98. Ask Larry king for his secret

99. Live forever or die trying

100. Become dirt

101. Contract a new disease which will be named after me

102. Randomly bury time capsules

103. Expose a breast during Super Bowl halftime

104. Transcend the physical world

105. Become the next hela cells ie: Henrietta lacks

106. Believe in a god

107. Befriend death so he'll let me live

108. Meditate

109. Make horcruxes

110. Become a legend/myth/fairy tale/fable

111. Have my skin stretched over a canvas

112. Get inducted into a hall of fame

113. Genetic engineering

114. Be born that way, ie: highlander

115. Get lucky

116. Break a world record

117. Break all the world records

118. Become a vector

120. Find a djinni in a lamp and ask

121. Reality television

122. Be taxes

123. Go back to being stardust

124. Clone self and upload memories, ie: battlestar galactica

125. Drink unicorn tears

126. Drown in a peat bog

127. Donate eggs to fertility bank

128. Wage/end a war

129. Truly love someone

130. Make art

131. Strike a bargain with one of the sidibe

132. Upload my consciousness onto the Internet

133. Become a genius doctor and cure death

134. Martyrdom

135. Become cannibalized

136. Have a magic portrait painted of me which ages magically in my place

137. Realize that time is just another dimension in which the span of my life will always exist

138. Achieve nirvana

139. Cross jabba the hut so he'll hire a bounty hunter to locate you and imprison you in carbonite

140. Alchemy

141. Make a genius doctor fall in love with me and inspire them to cure death

142. Go back in time to prevent Adam & Eve from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge

143. Wreck the Beatles or some other good thing

144. Replace failing organs with ones printed on a 3d printer

145. Accept that I don't exist as it is

146. Embrace idea that my electrons are shared and exist elsewhere. Subatomic particles don't die

147. Have a star named after me

148. Don't have fun, thereby stopping time

150.  Botox

151. Collect souls. They escape for a few minutes after someone sneezes

152. Swim in salt water

153. Win an Oscar

154. Having sex with red wine

155. Become a cover model

156. Position myself near the event horizon of a black hole

157. Maybe don't stress about this so much

158. Leave my remains to science

159. Bargain with the Devil

160. Attempt to wrap the world with my hair. Leave my hair all over the world

161. Ride a rainbow?

162. Maintain a healthy sex life and remain active

163. Ask Neil Patrick Harris how he doesn't age

164. Devour the hearts of my enemies to gain their youth and power

165. Be very promiscuous

166. Inject myself with nano-machines that find and repair aged/damaged cells

167. Have my parts or brain included in a Frankenstein type abomination

168. Piss off both God and the Devil (jack-o-lantern story)

169. The curse of lycanthropy

170. Have my remains launched into space

171. A gypsy curse to wander the land for eternity

172. Longevity superpowers gained by exposure to chemicals/radiation/ some other McGuffin

173. Die in glorious battle

174. Found a chain of fast food restaurants

175. Invent an artistic movement

176. Careful planning

177. Become a historical footnote

178. Obamacare

179. Be a student loan

180. Viral video

181. Be a redwood tree

182. Eat lots of garlic

183. Be made into gold

184. Throw a great party

185. Mint myself

186. Be related to everyone

187. Tattoo myself on people?

188. Tagging

189. Scholarship

190. Write an epic poem

191. Be the heroine in an epic poem

192. Be a ghost

193. Be an icon

194. Move at the speed of light

195. Yoga

196. Royalty in some cultures

197. Have no known predators

198. Bog mummy

199. Take on an endless task

200. Avoid my birthday!

201. Taxidermy

202. Everything in moderation

203. An apple a day

204. Get 8 hours of sleep a night

205. Don't forget to floss

206. Sleep forever

207. Rip van winkle

  1. 208.Always recover

  2. 209.Get carved into Mount Rushmore

  3. 210.Become accessioned into a museum’s permanent collection

  4. 211.Choreography