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Bronze Handshake Collection (A Year in Richmond)

bronze casts of the space between my handshakes with those I met during my first year in Richmond; 2013

Bronze Handshake Collections

These fossils commemorate my physical interaction with others. Just as the skin is the first point of contact between the world and us, the handshake is the first appropriate entry point into physical contact between strangers. It is used to communicate so much: We agree, we know each other, we feel comfortable touching each other, we acknowledge one another, we hold each other. I create fossils of the moments when my body comes into contact with another’s. This work is an ongoing catalog of the people in my life and my persistent efforts to hold on to those tenuous connections.

Where We Meet, bronze casts of the point at which my hand meets another’s hand during a handshake; 2014

Holding Hands (apart), bronze casts of the two sides of lovers holding hands; 2014