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The “Lisa” Vest, twill weave kevlar (bulletproof) fabric, pearl snaps, gold piping, 2018

The “Axel” Vest, plain weave kevlar (bulletproof) fabric, metal studs & chain, 2018

Imminent Peril - The Queer Collection

Bulletproof Textiles

Often those offered the most protection are not the most vulnerable. What if the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting had been wearing bullet-proof vests? What kind of protective gear should one wear to a night club, a church, a concert, a school? Transitioning from imagery to embodiment, Imminent Peril - Queer Collection is a series of new experimental textile works using bullet-proof Kevlar thread and Kevlar fabric. Specifically designed for individual queer people who have had a positive impact on my life and work, this growing collection of “safety vests” combines techniques such as bobbin-lace, sewing, knitting, and embellishment as they relate to my participant’s individual ideas around personal safety and style. This new work it is rooted in a desire to promote awareness about the safety of LGBTQ people, but it recognizes the need for all people to feel safe while expressing their individuality.

The “J” Hoodie Vest, ballistic grade kevlar (bulletproof) fabric and jersey lining, 2018

Model: Drew (above left)  

Overshot Lapghan, hand-woven blanket, Overshot pattern, kevlar warp with acrylic weft, 2018

The “Amanda” Vest, hand-knit kevlar (bulletproof) thread with acrylic yarn, 2018

The “Spider” Vest, hand-woven kevlar (bulletproof) thread bobbin-lace, 2018

Model: Jameelah (above right)