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Become Accessioned into a Museum’s Permanent Collection - #210 from The List of Ways to Live Forever (Accessioned VMFA)

My face appears within existing artworks of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art’s  Permanent Collection.  Upon closer inspection, the viewer bears witness to my presence throughout history. I am immortalized as part of a collection that will presumably be preserved for centuries to come. “Heather Zirkonia” (my VMFA museum staff alter-ego) gave a brief 35mm slide presentation of 40 such images during the InLight 2015 outdoor event curated by 1708 Gallery on the grounds of the VMFA in Richmond, VA.

Fayum Double Statue of Man and Woman, 2475bc, Egypt, limestone, 61.8

Red-Figure Pelike, ca 480 bc, greek attic, terracotta, 62.1.13

Mirror Back with Scenes of Jousting, 14th Century, Unknown French, ivory, 69.45

Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints, 1499, the Bruges Master, oil, 57.39

Saint Jerome, 15th Century, Unknown Flemish, wood, 64.33

The Seven Vices, 16th Century, Flemish, tapestry, 46.46.1

Minerva Summoning Louis XIV to Arms, 17th cent, Adam Frans van der Meulen, Flemish, tapestry, 65.38.6

Venus and Cupid, ca 1625-30, Artemisia Gentilaschi, Italian, oil, 201.225

Bowl with 8 Immortals, 1723, Chinese, Jingdezhen ware, porcelain, 72.37.2

A Pasha Having his Mistress’s Portrait Painted, 1737, Carle Van Loo, French, oil, 59.20

The Young Artist (La Jeune Artiste), ca 1760s, Joseph Siffred Duplessis, French, oil, 49.15.4

Cornelia, Mother of Gracchi, Pointing to her Children as Her Treasures, ca 1785, Angelica Kaufmann, Swiss, oil, 75.22

The Judgment of Paris, ca1807, Francois-Xavier Fabre, French, oil, 76.36

The Marriage of Washington to Martha Custis, 1849, Junius Brutus Stearns, American, oil, 50.2.2

Portrait Study in Pink, John White Alexander

American, 1856-1915, oil, 2010.111

Peines de Coeur (Heartbreak), ca1884 Charles Sprague Pearce

American, oil, 2007.17

The Cup of Death, 1885, Elihu Vedder, American, oil, 76.38.3

The Judgment of Paris, ca 1886, Walter McEwen, American, oil, 2012.21

Lotus and Laurel, 1904, Henry Prellwitz, American, oil, 2008.42